Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Food Feasta?

A: Food Feasta is an online platform where one can order from any corner of India and enjoy the famous food delicacies of different Indian traditions & locations, in your own dining room.

Where Do You Source Food From?

A: Food Feasta source form either most famous and traditional generational food crafters or contemporary food crafters, who have something rare and different to offer.

What Is "My Account"?

A: You can also view and edit your personal detail like address, contact No., etc. any time.

How Do I Create My Account?

A: It is easy to create your Food Feasta account, simply Click Create an account in My Account and fill in simple personal information (First Name, Last Name & Email Address) and Password.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity?

A: There is no restriction on Minimum order quantity. You can order as per our product & quantity offered. Also, there is no restriction on maximum order quantity.